D Pharmacy 2nd Year Subjects And Syllabus

D Pharmacy 2nd Year Subjects 

There are six Subjects to study in d pharmacy 2nd year
(A) Pharmaceutics II
(B) Pharmaceutical Chemistry II
(C) Pharmacology And Toxicology
(D) Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence
(E) Drug Store And Business Management
(F) Hospital And Clinical Pharmacy

d pharmacy 2nd year Subjects, d pharmacy 2nd year syllabus

(A) Pharmaceutics II 

In d pharmacy 2nd year Subjects it is one of the easy Subject to study because Students are acquainted with pharmaceutics I in d pharmacy 1st year.

D Pharmacy 2nd Year Subjects

Contents -

1. Prescription
2. Incompatibilities in Prescription
3. Posology
4. Solid Dosage Forms
5. Monophasic Liquid Dosage Forms
6. Biphasic Liquid Dosage Forms - Suspensions
7. Biphasic Liquid Dosage Forms - Emulsions
8. Semisolid Dosage Forms - Ointments, Pastes and Jellies
9. Semisolid Dosage Forms - Suppositories and Pessaries
10. Dental and Cosmetic Preparations
11. Sterile Dosage Forms
12. Opthalmic Products

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(B) Pharmaceutical Chemistry II 

In d pharmacy 2nd year Subjects it is one of the important Subjects. It is not easy to study because d pharmacy 1st year chemistry and d pharmacy 2nd year chemistry are totally different.

Contents -

1. Classification and Nomenclature
2. Stability and Storage Conditions
3. Antiseptics and Disinfectants
4. Sulphonamides
5. Antileprotic Drugs
6. Antitubercular Drugs
7. Antiamoebic and Anthelmintic Drugs
8. Antibiotics
9. Antifungal Agents
10. Antimalarial Drugs
11. Tranquillizers
12. Hypnotics
13. General Anaesthetics
14. Local Anaesthetics
15. Antidepressants Drugs
16. Analeptics
17. Adrenergic Drugs
18. Adrenergic Antagonists
19. Cholinogeric Drugs
20. Cholinogeric Antagonists
21. Diuretic Drugs
22. Cardiovascular Drugs
23. Hypoglycemic Agents
24. Coagulants and Anti coagulants
25. Histamine and Antihistamine Agents
26. Analgesics and Antipyretics
27. Nonsteroidal Anti inflammatory Agents
28. Thyroxine and Antithyroids
29. Diagnostic Agents
30. Anticonvulsant Drugs
31. Cardiac Glycosides
32. Anti arrhythmic Drugs
33. Anti hypertensive Agents
34. Vitamins
35. Steroidal Drugs
36. Antineoplastic Agents

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(C) Pharmacology And Toxicology 

In d pharmacy 2nd year Subjects it is one of the top Subject and it is very important to study because it is the base Subject to know the different types of drugs .

D Pharmacy 2nd Year Subjects

Contents -

1. General Pharmacology
2. Drugs acting on the central nervous system
3. Local Anaesthetics
4. Drugs acting on autonomic nervous system
5. Drugs acting on eye
6. Drugs acting on respiratory system
7. Autocoids
8. Cardiovascular Drugs
9. Drugs acting on blood and blood forming organs
10. Drugs acting on the kidney
11. Hormones and hormone Antagonists
12. Drugs acting on the gastrointestinal tract
13. Drugs acting on the uterus
14. Chemotherapy
15. Miscellaneous

(D) Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence

In d pharmacy 2nd year Subjects pharmaceutical jurisprudence also important to study because some questions are come in various types of Pharmacist competitive examinations .

Contents -

1. Origin and nature of pharmaceutical legislation in India
2. Princeple and significance of professional ethics
3. Pharmacy Act 1948
4. The Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940
5. The Drugs and Magic Remedies
6. Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic substance Act 1985

(E) Drug Store And Business Management

In d pharmacy 2nd year it is a new Subject for Students. So it is difficult to study.

D Pharmacy 2nd Year Subjects

Contents -

1. Introduction
2. Forms of Business Organisations
3. Channels of Distribution
4. Drug House Management
5. Inventory Control
6. Sales Promotion
7. Recruitment, Training, Evaluation and Compensation to a Pharmacist
8. Banking and Finance
9. Introduction to accounting
10. Accounting Concepts and Conventions
11. Recording of the Transactions
12. Trial Balance
13. Financial Statements
14. Introduction to Budgeting

(F) Hospital And Clinical Pharmacy

In d pharmacy 2nd year it is one of the important Subjects for the Students because this subject is newer for the Students.

Contents -

1. Hospitals
2. Hospital Pharmacy
3. Drug Distribution System in Hospitals
4. Procurement of Stores And Inventory Control
5. Hospital Manufacturing
6. Surgical instruments, Medical Equipments and Health Accessories
7. Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee and Hospital Formulary
8. Drug information Services and Drug information Bulletin
9. Surgical Dressing and Supplies
10. Computers
11. Introduction to Clinical Pharmacy
12. Modern Dispensing Aspects
13. Medical Terminology
14. Diseases, Manifestation and Symptoms
15. Physiological Parameters
16. Drug Interactions
17. Adverse Drug Interactions
18. Drugs in Clinical Toxicity
19. Drug Dependence
20. Bioavailability of drugs

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