Rn Pharmacology Online Practice 2019 A

Rn Pharmacology Online Practice 2019 A        

Rn Pharmacology Online Practice 2019 A

1. The nurse must take the following precaution when the patient is receiving furosemide

(A) Advise the patient to quite smoking

(B) Check blood sugar and urine sugar of the patient

(C) Advise the patient to do regular aerobic exercises

(D) Advise the patient for low calorie diet

Ans - B

2. On the basis of body mass index (BMI), a person with a height of 150 cm and weight of 70 kg is defined to be

(A) Obese

(B) Under weight

(C) Normal weight

(D) Over weight

Ans - A

3. Which drug can be given to reverse the effect of an opioid overdose

(A) Methadone

(B) Hydrocodon with acetaminophen

(C) Naloxone

(D) Phenytoin

Ans - C

4. The primary activity of selective antibiotic penicillin is.......

(A) Inhibit cell wall synthesis

(B) Inhibit protein synthesis

(C) Inhibit nucleic acid synthesis

(D) Metabolic antagonism

Ans - A

Rn Pharmacology Online Practice 2019 A

5. All of the following are monitored by a nurse when a patient is on diuretics except

(A) Restoring fluid intake

(B) Maintain intake output chart

(C) Assessing weight

(D) Monitoring vital signs

Ans - A

6. Most drug have a molecular weight between

(A) 100-500

(B) 10-100

(C) 1-10

(D) Greater than 500

Ans - A

7. Severe allergic reaction to a drug is known as....route

(A) Adverse

(B) Anaphylactic

(C) Toxicity

(D) Interaction

Ans - B

8. Administration of drug in to the spinal cavity is termed as......route

(A) Intra osseous

(B) Intrathecal

(C) Intra articular

(D) Intra medullary

Ans - B

9. Which of the following is an example of urinary antiseptic

(A) Nitrofurantoin

(B) Cresol

(C) Furosemide

(D) Hypochlorite

Ans - A

10. All are used in diabetic ketoacidosis except

(A) Insulin

(B) Glucagon

(C) Sodium bicarbonate

(D) I.V. fluids

Ans - B

Rn Pharmacology Online Practice 2019 A

11. A patient received codeine sulphate for severe back pain, which of the following observation must be done by the nurse

(A) Monitor fluid balance

(B) Monitor peripheral pulses

(C) Monitor for hypertension

(D) Monitor bowel activity

Ans - D

12. Among the following identify the long term effect of steroid therapy

(A) Hypoglycemia

(B) Loss of weight

(C) Loss of hair

(D) Steroid psychosis

Ans - D

13. Which of the following antimicrobial agent is most useful the treatment of amoebic dysentery

(A) Metronidazole

(B) Cefotaxime

(C) Ciprofloxacin

(D) Ofloxacin

Ans - A

14. Drugs used to prevent or relieve nausea and vomiting are known as

(A) Antiemetics

(B) Emetics

(C) Antitussives

(D) Antacids

Ans - A

Rn Pharmacology Online Practice 2019 A

15. Which of the following is most common side effect of aspirin

(A) Constipation

(B) Gastrointestinal bleeding

(C) Nystagmus

(D) Urinary incontinence

Ans - B

16. Misoprostol, a prostaglandin analogue is useful as

(A) Uterine relaxant

(B) Antiulcer

(C) Bronchodilator

(D) Vasodilator

Ans - B

17. Which of the following is a first line drug used for pain management

(A) Ketamine

(B) Acetaminophen

(C) Morphine

(D) Clonidine

Ans - B

18. ..........may be caused due to the accumulation of lead in the body.

(A) Thalassemia

(B) Paralysis

(C) Weakening of bones

(D) Weakening of nerves

Ans - D

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