Hospital And Clinical Pharmacy MCQ Pdf

Hospital And Clinical Pharmacy MCQ Pdf

Hospital And Clinical Pharmacy MCQ Pdf, Hospital And Clinical Pharmacy MCQ

Hospital And Clinical Pharmacy MCQ Pdf

1. In infants tetracyclines often cause 

(a) Agranulocytosis

(b) Redness in eyes

(c) Discolouration of teeth

(d) Fever

Ans - c

2. Which of these is often combined with gentamicin to treat eye infections?

(a) Prednisolone

(b) Oxacillins

(c) Carbenicillin

(d) Tropicamide

Ans - a

3. Mercurials produce their toxicity by reacting with :

(a) Carboxylic group

(b) Double bonds

(c) Sulphahydryl groups

(d) Amino group

Ans - c

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4. Thiopentone sodium is :

(a) Short acting barbiturate

(b) Ultra short acting barbiturate

(c) Long acting barbiturate

(d) Intermediate acting barbiturate

Ans - b

Hospital And Clinical Pharmacy MCQ Pdf

5. The defective purine metabolism may leads to :

(a) Anemia

(b) Gout

(c) Arthritis 

(d) Spondolytes

Ans - b

6. Which one of these is a acid sensitive?

(a) Tolbutamide

(b) Benzylpenicillin

(c) Paracetamol

(d) Cortisone

Ans - b

7. Which one of these impart red colour to urine

(a) Rifampin

(b) Isoniazid

(c) Aspirin

(d) Luminal

Ans - a

8. Tetracyclines from complexes with metal :

(a) Aluminium

(b) Calcium

(C) Iron

(d) Potassium

Ans - b

9. Which one of these is used to increase the serum level of penicillin?

(a) Aspirin

(b) Ranitidine

(c) Aluminium hydroxide gel

(d) Probenecid

Ans - d

10. Which one of these is used as antidote for heparin?

(a) Protamine sulphate

(b) Warfarin


(d) Glyceryl trinitrate

Ans - a

Hospital And Clinical Pharmacy MCQ Pdf

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11. The dissolution rate of a tablet is related to:

(a) Fick's law

(b) Noyes Whitney equation

(C) Henderson-Hasselbalch equation

(d) None of the above

Ans - b

12. Iron preparation may colour the urine 

(a) Red

(b) Black

(c) Orange

(d) Purple

Ans - b

13. Xylocaine HCl is not used orally because it is

(a) Ineffective orally

(b) Acidic in nature

(c) Stomach irritant

(d) Unstable in acidic media

Ans - a

14. Which one of the following interacts with vasopressin

(a) Chloramphenical

(b) Dicoumarol

(C) Chlorpropamide

(d) Phenytoin sodium

Ans - c

15. Bioavailability refers to the relative amount of drug that reaches the 

(a) Small intestine

(b) Stomach

(c) Systemic circulations

(d) Liver

Ans - c

16. Ryle's tube is used for :

(a) Feeding

(b) Removing poison from stomach

(c) Gastric lavage

(d) All of the above

Ans - d

17. Hospital possessing T.V., telephone facilities in a air-conditioned room

belong to :

(a) Budget hospital

(b) Elite hospital

(c) Allopathic hospital

(d) Uranin hospital

Ans - b

Hospital And Clinical Pharmacy MCQ Pdf

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18. Patient with fracture in femur bone is

preferably referred to :

(a) Paediatric hospital

(b) Maternity hospital

(c) Orthopaedic hospital

(d) General hospital

Ans - c

19. An example of elastic bandage is :

(a) Crepe bandage

(b) Woven elastic bandage

(c) Tube bandage

(d) All of the above

Ans - a

20. Which one of these forcep is used to hold the appendix ?

(a) Lan's tissue forcep

(b) Alli's tissue forcep

(c) Bebcock’s tissue forcep

(d) All of the above

Ans - c

21. The member secretory of pharmacy and therapeutic committee is :

(a) Chief pharmacy

(b) Medical officer

(C) Analytical chemist

(d) Physician

Ans - a

22. The maximum capacity of tuberculin

syringe is :

(a) 3 ml

(b) 2 ml

(c) 1 ml

(d) 0.5 ml

Ans - a

23. The hepatitis is caused by :

(a) Virus

(b) Bacteria

(C) Chemicals

(d) All of the Above

Ans - d

Hospital And Clinical Pharmacy MCQ Pdf

24. One of these is symptoms of hepatitis A :

(a) Polyuria

(b) Anorexia

(c) Gastric irritation

(d) Hypotension

Ans - b

25. The hospital formulary management is function of:

(a) Infection control committee

(6) Human studies committee

(c) Pharmacy therapeutic committee

(d) Quality assurance committee

Ans - c

26. Hathi committee has recomended that 1/v ftd. mfg. should be done under the supervision of:

(a) M. Pharmacy

(b) Ph.D.

(c) B. Pharmacy

(d) D. Pharmacy

Ans - a

27. Which scale is used to measure the outer diameter of needles?

(a) Lunar scale 

(b) Gauge

(c)metric scale 

(d) All of these

Ans - b

28. Relative to oral temperature:

(a) Rectal temperature is 1° higher

(b) Rectal temperature is I° lower

(c) Rectal temperature is same

(d) 2° lower

Ans - a

29. Relative to oral temperature, axillary temperature is

(a) The same

(b) 1° lower

(c)1° higher 

(d) 2° higher

Ans - b

30. The drug which is administered into the auditory canal is called as :

(a) OTC drug 

(b) Enteral drug

(c) Otic drug 

(d) None of the above

Ans - c

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