Pharmacognosy Book Pdf Download

Pharmacognosy Book Pdf Download

Hello Pharmacy Students Welcome to Pharmacy Guide. If you are a pharmacy student and searching for pharmacognosy book pdf then you are in the right place. Books are very important for study but due to some financial problem some students can not buy books. So, in this article we share pharmacognosy book pdf. Please completely read the article then easily you can get pharmacognosy book pdf download.

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Pharmacognosy Book Pdf By Ck Kokate

Nirali Prakashan Published a Pharmacognosy book and in this book the author are S.B Gokhale, C.k Kokate And A.p Purohit. This book is very helpful for both d pharmacy and b pharmacy students because all the syllabus are cover in this book and diagrams are also drawn for better study. So if you are a d pharmacy or b pharmacy student then you can use this book.

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Pharmacognosy Book Pdf By N. Murgesh

Satya Publisher Published a Pharmacognosy book by K.R Arumugam And D.r N Murgesh. This book is one of the best book for d pharmacy students because the book is written with very simple words that can be studed by anyone but if you are a b pharmacy students then you can also use it but especially it is best for d pharmacy students.

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Pharmacognosy Book Pdf By Mohammed Ali

CBS Publisher Published a Pharmacognosy book by the author Mohammed Ali. This book also contains very informative things and it is best for b pharmacy students because the book is very heavy for d pharmacy students. But this book covers the complete Pharmacognosy syllabus. But if d pharmacy students want to use it then they can use it.

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Pharmacognosy Book Pdf Contents

  • Definition, history and scope of Pharmacognosy. 
  • Classification of drugs. 
  • Quality Control of Crude drugs.
  • Brief outline of occurrence, distribution, isolation, identification tests, therapeutic activity and pharmaceutical applications of alkaloids, terpenoids, glycosides, volatile oils, tannins and resins.
  • Biological source, chemical constituents and therapeutic efficacy of the following categories of crude drugs.
  • Plant fibres used as surgical dressings.
  • Basic principles involved in the traditional systems of medicine.
  • Role of medicinal and aromatic plants in national economy and their export potential.
  • Herbs as health food.
  • Introduction to herbal formulations
  • Herbal cosmetics.
  • Phytochemical investigation of drugs.
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